Launchpad consistently strives to reduce and prevent youth homelessness by enhancing young people’s capacity to fully participate and engage in the community.


Angela Buckfield

Acting Executive Officer

Angela has over 15 years experience in the Human Services Sector and Non-Government Organisations. Her experience is in Team Management and Case Management, predominantly with high needs youth and families. Angela’s strengths are in engagement and complex needs.

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Rahnia Mackey

Manager, Casework Team

Rahnia has over 19 years’ experience in the community services sector working for both Government and non-Government services. Rahnia’s main focus has been working with young parents supporting them to gain the skills and knowledge they need to raise happy and healthy children in our community.

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Sally Curtin

Office Manager

Sally has over 11 years experience working in frontline administration at homelessness, drug and alcohol, and youth services. Her strengths lie in client engagement, team support and office management.

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Alanna Lin

Case Manager,
Young Parents Program

Alanna has over 11 years experience in the community services sector working for non-government services. Most of her experience has been working with youth in Out of Home Care, disability respite, disability employment services, Youth Connections and now specialist homelessness services. Alanna’s strengths are assisting young people in crisis situations, re-engagement into employment or education, and developing and facilitating youth programs.

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Brooke Morley

Case Manager – Tenancy

Brooke has a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) and has over 9 years of experience in non-government organisations, primarily within youth homelessness programs. Brooke has extensive experience in tenancy management, case management and issues facing young homeless people. Brooke’s strengths are in positive engagement, capacity building and supporting young people to obtain and maintain tenancies.

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Emily Hampton

Assertive Outreach
Case Manager

Emily is a Case Manager with over 7 years’ experience working in the Youth Sector.
Emily’s experience is in Out of Home Care, Mental Health, Assertive Outreach and Homelessness.
Emily’s strengths are in mental health and working with young people who have complex needs.

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Rea Kay

Case Manager,
Young Parents Program

Rea has over 10 years’ experience working in the community services sector primarily working with young parents, women and children escaping Domestic and Family Violence and Youth Homelessness. Rea has worked in the non-government sector during this time.
Rea’s strengths include advocacy, positive engagement, and inclusiveness.
Rea is passionate about social justice principles and empowering the individuals she works with.

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Damien Corbridge

Case Manager

Damien is a Case Manager who has several years’ experience working within the social welfare sector. Damien’s experience is primarily in Youth Homelessness, Complex Trauma and Specialised Education. Damien’s strengths include working with young people with complex needs, mental health and AOD dependencies.
Damien is passionate about ensuring all marginalised and disadvantaged young people’s voices are heard, including all Indigenous young people and all members of the LGBTQI+ community.

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Sam Deylami

Finance Officer

Sam has been serving as the Finance Officer of Launchpad Youth Community since 2015. He holds an undergraduate degree in Management and an Advance Diploma of Accounting. He is a registered BAS agent and member of the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) as well as the Institute of Financial
Accountants (IFA). He has extensive experience as an accountant and financial consultant, particularly in non-for- profit organisations.

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Launchpad Board of Management (2020)

The Launchpad Board of Management are highly experienced local community members who undertake governance responsibility for the organisation.

Read our Code of Conduct for Board of Management members

Toni Ottavio


Toni Ottavio, is a Registered Nurse with over 25 years experience working in neuroscience, mental health and health service management across public, private and not for profit sectors. Toni is currently employed as General Manager in Uniting Hope and Uniting Recovery programs which include specialist homelessness services, mental health and psychosocial services, community living support, Lifeline Western Sydney and Responsible Gambling counselling across Nepean to the Central Coast. Toni Ottavio has participated on working parties developing NSW Work Health and Safety Roadmap for NSW 2022, NSW Youth Health Framework 2017-21. Toni is a current youth mental health first aid trainer. Publications: A clinical staging model for early intervention in Youth Mental Health(2014) S Cross, D Hermens, E Scott, A Ottavio, P McGorry, I Hickie.

Julia Sokolovic


Julia grew up in the Inner West and remains closely connected to the area. Julia has personal experience with youth homelessness and disability, and has worked in Government, Business Analytics, Telecommunications, Workforce Planning and Recruitment, and currently works in Information Technology.

Belinda Andersen


20 years ago Belinda was a proud member of the first Youth Advisory Committee, established by South Sydney Council. She was actively involved in the annual youth week activities and voluntarily worked with local youth agencies to support them in their projects aimed at improving health outcomes for the marginalised youth of the inner west. Through this experience she found her passion in helping others and influencing change. Establishing a career in Human Resources spanning over 15 years and worked in both commercial and Not for Profit organisations. She has an innate ability to see both the bigger picture and get amongst the thick of things to find a solution that is both pragmatic and people centred. Belinda has a Bachelor of Business & Commence/ Law.

Andrea Fernandes

Board Member

Andrea has over 15 years’ experience working in social policy, community engagement, accessibility, research, project management and political administration, in the private and public sectors. She holds a BA Hons. in Social Science and is studying Human Rights Law for her Masters at UNSW. Born overseas, Andrea has made Sydney her home and has lived in the inner west for over 10 years.


Launchpad collaborates with a number of individuals, organisations, government departments and businesses. All with the common goal of maximising opportunities for young people.


The Department of Communities and Justice who provide the core funding for Launchpad services.

The City of Sydney Council who provide funds for the Brokerage Program and a position for Assertive Outreach.

Housing NSW who offer accommodation options for young people and young families.


Metro Community Housing who are our key partners in providing affordable housing to young people across Sydney.

Women’s Housing Company who provide affordable housing to our young people across the City of Sydney.

Amaelie Housing who provide affordable housing to our young people across the City of Sydney.

Bridge Housing who provide transitional housing to our young people across the City of Sydney.


YWCA NSW is a consortium partner for the Sydney District Young Parents Homelessness Service.

Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand is a consortium partner for the Sydney District Young Parents Homelessness Service. (Sydney Young Parents Program).

The Noffs Foundation is a consortium partner for the Inner City Sydney Homelessness Prevention and Support Service for Young People. (Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub).