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Launchpad Youth Community offers a service model that is client centred and outcomes focused. Launchpad Youth Community and our partners work in collaboration to provide excellent services for young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, with links to the City of Sydney LGA and the Sydney district.

Launchpads service model offers multiple pathways to identify and support clients through: The Inner City Youth Homelessness Hub; a partnership with WEAVE and Ted Noffs, the Sydney District Young Parents Program; a partnership with YWCA and Good Shepherd, our extensive partnerships with first to know agencies, our partnerships with Housing providers and our highly trained and specialist Case Managers.

Launchpad Youth Community identifies clients early and is able to respond to needs appropriately.

This service model- based on expert needs assessment and case coordination- allows Launchpad Youth Community to provide the same standard of service to all clients regardless of their circumstances, including: People who experience homelessness, inclusive of rough sleepers, to ensure they are rapidly and safely rehoused- People who are in crisis are provided with safe and secure accommodation and supported to access stable housing and – People who are rehoused after becoming homeless are supported to stay housed.

The service uses brokerage funds to support outcomes for clients and have designed a brokerage protocol based on FaCS brokerage guidelines to support this work.

Launchpad Youth Community and its partners work closely together to provide low, medium and high support to clients in situ (at home, couch surfing, those who are rough sleeping, in transitional or community housing) regardless of their situation and supported sustained outcomes for clients in stable accommodation in either private rental, temporary accommodation (TA) transitioning to longer term stable accommodation in either private rental or through social housing providers.

Launchpad has successful partnerships with Metro Housing and other housing providers to support young people at risk who are tenants in community housing.

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