Launchpad aims to ensure young people have the opportunity to fully participate in the community. We achieve this by:

  • Working on stabilising your housing situation so you can concentrate on your personal goals.
  • Working with other organisations who provide counselling, support with trauma, and other stressful situations.
  • Support with your finances (employment, study, Centrelink, etc).
  • Opportunities for participation in events, leadership activities and recreation.
  • Celebrate and share your talents in the community in art, music, sport, etc.
  • Assistance with health issues, school issues, and other personal issues that concern you.
  • Develop a goal plan and coach you towards achieving these goals.
  • We advocate to reduce structural barriers for young people.
  • We champion the talents and potential of young people by proactively engaging in Local, State and National political processes.


Launchpad supports young people aged 16-24 years with a range of services including; stabalising your housing, finances, things at home, things at school, advice & information about education/employment, and coaching you towards achieving your personal goals and aspirations.

You may like to give us an initial call to talk about your current situation, whether you need some direction on where to go, who to contact for more help, what options are available to you, or just to get some general advice.

After you contact us we aim to see you within 7 days.

Young people who request assistance can expect us to:

  • Ask you questions about your needs and goals (assessment)
  • Develop a plan with you to achieve these goals
  • Give you information and advice
  • Work with other services you may be involved with to coordinate our efforts together
  • Work with your family, friends, carers and others to try make things at home better
  • Connect you to other services such as health, employment and education
  • Provide you with support to access affordable housing
  • Give you a chance to participate in our many social/recreational events
  • Assist you in gaining access to income support (e.g. Centrelink)

People who are deaf or have a hearing/speech impairment can call through the National Relay service on 133 677


If you are a family member, carer, youth worker, professional or just someone who is concerned for a friend, Launchpad can assist you with advice and information for young people and families that you might be working with.

Launchpad offers flexible support to young people and their families, and/or other professionals helping young people. We offer a client centered approach and work in collaboration with a range of organisations.

Please contact us for more information.