Paul, 20 years old

Paul is 20 years old and has been receiving case management support from Launchpad since 2013.

Since Paul was a teenager, he has not had stable accommodation and has been couch surfing and living in an out of refuges. As a result of his situation, Paul developed a marijuana and Ice addiction and found himself getting into trouble with the law. Paul had no family support, as his adopted parents lived overseas. Paul has only recently made contact with his biological mother.

Since Paul has been with Launchpad he has received support with housing, brokerage funds, advocacy and general support. Paul has been a tenant with Metro Housing for about 20 months and has been working closely with his case manager to transition to more stable accommodation. Paul has completed his Cert III in Youth Work at TAFE and is now working in hospitality. Paul has employment at an entertainment centre.

Paul will be leaving his Metro Housing tenancy 3 months earlier then agreed as he will be going to Triple Care Rehabilitation for gambling, marijuana and ice use. Launchpad has assisted Paul with his referral to rehab and transport to Triple Care, which is located in the South Coast of NSW. Paul has expressed that he is happy to be going to Tripe Care as he feels it’s time for rehabilitation and Launchpad is in full support of this step forward. Launchpad has agreed to keep ion contact with Paul during his stay and to help him to get re-housed on his return and supporting him to re-enter the workforce.