Murray, Sydney

Murray is an 18 year old who has resorted to living under a bridge in Wentworth
Park and couch surfing at friend’s houses. He had reportedly dropped out of
school the year before but had decided to return to complete his HSC in 2015. He
would shower at the swimming centre or PCYC to keep himself presentable and
was studying hard as he wants to be either a professional athlete or a lawyer at
the Aboriginal Legal Service.

When Murray was first approached by outreach staff he was shy and quite
private; he told staff that he had some issues with trusting people from his past
and was fiercely independent. After building rapport Launchpad started to work
on getting his housing forms completed and applying for transitional
accommodation. Murray was doing community service at the PCYC for a few
minor charges of shoplifting and driving with a suspended licence.

Murray is currently attending school and has a good relationship with the
Aboriginal support worker. His housing forms are almost complete and we took
him for interviews at transitional housing providers at both Options Youth
Housing and Oasis Transitional Housing. During the assessment time Launchpad
acquired 5 studio apartments (Community Housing) and Murray decided to
move into one of these. He is making great progress and working hard to
achieve his goals. Launchpad is looking forward to seeing how having a stable
place to live and case management will help him in the months to come.