Blake came to Launchpad in December 2014 seeking assistance with finding stable accommodation.

When Blake came to Launchpad he was residing at We Help Ourselves Rehabilitation (WHOs). Blake

was in recovery phase and needed to exit WHOs within the next 2 months. Blake is originally from

Melbourne and was order by court to attend a rehabilitation program. Blake chose to attend one in

Sydney as he felt it was hard to get away from his social group and was unable to live with his

mother due to it not being safe. Blake and his case worker worked on lodging his housing forms and

making referrals to transitional housing. Blake was successful in getting a 1 bedroom unit with

Options Youth Housing early January. Through the use of brokerage Launchpad were able to assist

Blake with purchasing a bed, mattress and sheets as this was a requirement for him to move into his

unit with Options Youth. Due to Blake’s quick transition into temporary housing he was able to settle

in before he started TAFE. Blake was also referred to a worker at WEAVE for ongoing counselling.

Blake has settled into his unit and is now receiving case management from Options Youth.

Blake has also recommended Launchpad Youth Community to another client at WHOs who will be

homeless when he finishes his program.