How Can We Help?

Launchpad aims to ensure young people have the opportunity to fully participate in the community. We achieve this by:

  • Accessing, providing or working on stabilising your housing situation so you can concentrate on your personal goals.
  • We work with other organisations who provide counselling, support with trauma, and other stressful situations.
  • Support with your finances (employment, study, Centrelink, etc)
  • Opportunities for participation in events, leadership activities and recreation.
  • Celebrate and share your talents in the community in art, music, sport, etc.
  • Assistance with health issues, school issues, and other personal issues that concern you.
  • Develop a goal plan and coach you towards achieving these goals, whether it be a job, an idea, or changing the world!
  • We advocate to reduce structural barriers for young people.
  • We champion the talents and potential of young people by proactively engaging in Local, State and National political processes.