Invest in Young People

An investment in Young People is an important one.

Your investment reaches young people of all backgrounds and circumstances across the Launchpad community.

Investing in young people, not only makes moral sense, preventing young people becoming homelessness or not being able to fully participate and be part of the community makes economic sense when you take into consideration the reduced impacts on the health, justice, homelessness systems.

There are a number of ways an investment will supporting young people and enhancing opportunities including:

  • Assisting young people to access and maintain stable and affordable accommodation.
  • Assisting young people to access appropriate physical and mental health supports
  • Assisting young people to resolve their dependence on drugs and alcohol

Launchpad is a Public Benevolent Institution with charitable status.

Donations to Launchpad are tax deductible.

You can donate online via or you can contact us to find out more about how you might want to contribute to enhancing the lives of young people.

If you would like to donate to Launchpad through workplace giving Australia, this option will also be available soon.

All corporate and individual donors and sponsors are to be named (with company logo) on our sponsorship page. Naturally, all donors and sponsors also have the right to remain anonymous if they’d prefer.

If you are interested in giving to Launchpad on a regular basis or helping to establish a workplace giving program within your workplace pleasecontact us.