Service Name

Sydney Youth Homelessness Hub

Client group

The client group for the service is young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness as defined in the Service Package Description and SHS Practice Guidelines.

In circumstances  where services will be provided to unaccompanied aged under 16 years (those who are alone without a parent or guardian), they will be delivered in line with the Family and Community Services Unaccompanied children under 16 years accessing Specialist Homelessness Services policy.

Geographic coverage

The geographic coverage for the service is the Sydney Local Government Area. In some cases this may include young people who are transient but with an association to the LGA.

Service model

The model of service delivery is new and innovative and is built upon the pre-existing expertise of the Consortium Members. Launchpad Is the lead agency for the Consortium, the other Consortium members include WEAVE Youth and
Community Services and the Ted Noffs Foundation. Members agreed to integrate the best practice in their current service provision to offer high quality services to young people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.
The service model will contribute to the four SHS program outcomes:

  • People who are at imminent risk of homelessness are identified and supported to remain safely in their existing housing or to secure stable housing.
  • People who are homeless are rapidly and safely supported into housing.
  • People in crisis are provided with safe and secure accommodation supported to access stable housing
  • People who are re-housed after becoming homeless are supported stay housed.

The service model includes:

  •  A client centred approach that will place the client at the centre of service responses and be tailored to the needs of the target client group.
  • Collaboration with other specialist homelessness services,
    service providers and housing providers.
  • Delivery of the following core SHS service
    • Intervene early to prevent homelessness
    • Rapid rehousing
    • Intensive responses for clients with complex needs

Launchpad employs and manages the following staff:

  • Executive Officer
  • Manager Casework Team
  • Outreach Case Managers x 3
  • Case Manager Tenancy Support x1

Ted Noffs employs and manages the following staff:

  • Family and Adolescent Counsellor
  • Early Intervention and Prevention Case Manager

Weave employs and manages the following staff:

  • Family and Adolescent Counsellor
  • Outreach Case Manager