Strategic Plan


Launchpad consistently strives to reduce and prevent youth homelessness by enhancing young people’s capacity to fully participate and engage in the community.


Launchpad delivers evidence-based services, respecting the diverse needs of young people and their communities.

Launchpad strives to empower young people and their families to successfully achieve independence.

Launchpad promotes the ongoing development of collaborative partnerships with other organisations, businesses, government and the wider community.


Build a service model that grows Launchpad’s longevity through revenue diversification, good governance and effective partnerships.

Recruit a Business Development Officer to forge effective partnerships with businesses and philanthropists to source ongoing funding opportunities. Regularly review, evaluate and improve the operational and governance structures of the organisation. Identify and respond to emerging trends and opportunities in the sector to enable growth and diversity in revenue and service delivery.

Establish and develop effective relationships with partners and the wider community.

Establish and maintain case management and brokerage working groups in both the City East and City South to improve collaborative practice. Ensure representation at city-wide and state-wide forums focusing on youth and homelessness policy and practice.
Participate in local fairs and market days to provide opportunities for engagement with the wider community.

Boldly advocate for equal opportunity for broader structural change whilst empowering young people to use their own voice.

Provide an advocacy platform for partner organisations in the City East and City South working groups, ensuring these activities are in line with the organizations values. Develop a client charter and complaints mechanism with involvement from young people. Develop a strategy for client participation and feedback into the  organizations operations and governance.

Client Centered:
Provide evidence-based services that achieve sustainable positive outcomes for young people and their communities. Actions Develop strategic responses to issues of youth homelessness that are evidence based and deliver best practice services to young people experiencing homelessness. Regularly review and evaluate the organisations core business to ensure services delivered best meet the needs of young people in the homelessness sector.

Stakeholder Engagement:
Establish a strong brand through marketing and awareness raising activities. Actions Provide partner organisations with access to Brokerage Funds in a transparent and equitable fashion. Actively participate in local, state and national committees and forums that aim to address the issues of youth homelessness and youth participation. Develop and implement a marketing and stakeholder engagement strategy promoting the organisation as a model of best practice.


We encourage and support young people to enhance their strengths, build resilience and make positive change.

We foster trust, acceptance and celebrate diversity in our relationships with young people and their communities.

We recognise the importance of providing consistency and continuity of care as an organisation in our work with individuals in the youth and homelessness sectors.

We are honest, accountable and transparent in our work and relationships.

We believe in providing a platform to build solid foundations for growth, success and contributions to individual, organisational and  community wellbeing.